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There's no need for how often this bastard film goes from desperately quiet to eardrum-shatteringly loud. Couldn't put the fucking remote control down for more than 20 seconds. It doesn't help that Willem Dafoe mumbled throughout either, the cunt. The fact this is black and white and filmed in 1:1 ratio says all you need to know. Its a unique, intense and very odd - some may say pretentious - film which ultimately proves that when men are out of hope and losing their minds, the only salvation is the drink and masturbation. Absolutely one for the connoisseurs, this.
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All I could think of throughout this film was, "Imagine how much he'd love a brew." I actually put this on with the baby asleep on me and I daren't move in case I woke him up. So, trapped, hungry, dying for a piss, caring for another dependable and wanting a cup of tea of my own, I began to relate to the guy in many ways. He is clearly the better man as he was seeking his own escape whilst helping an injured lady through an impossible course whereas I just sat on my arse under a blanket waiting for the sweet rescue of my wife coming home to make dinner.
By Mike (09 July 2020)     More     Link    imdb    Buy film / memorabiliaBuy memorabilia
The first hour or so of this was great, I thought. It then goes, well, a little bit shit. I appreciated what they were trying to do but they went a little too far with it, to be honest. It's quite evidently made by a bunch of stoners with daddy issues who spent one too many a night discussing the cosmos. Deep down it's a study of one man's character and it just so happens that the whole thing is set in space; it is far from a space movie.
By Mike (07 July 2020)     More     Link    imdb    Buy film / memorabiliaBuy memorabilia
I've had this ready to watch for years and my wife always refused to because she said it sounded sad. So the other day I thought, "Right! Sod it. I either watch it now or I never do." So on it went. I got about an hour in and my wife walked in. She asked me the sort of pointless question women ask when you're in the middle of watching something and turned her head towards the TV, right at a quite touching part. After about a minute she sat down without taking her eyes off the TV. A few minutes later, once that scene ended, she turned to me and said, "What's this? I'd have watched this with you." Women, ey. I despair sometimes.
By Mike (06 July 2020)     More     Link    imdb    Buy film / memorabiliaBuy memorabilia
I watched this years ago - before this website even existed - but I was surpised to discover recently that I hadn't reviewed it. I began writing a review for it before I decided that, really, I should watch it again. It had been much too long since my last viewing to do it any justice. I take this shit very seriously you see, so I can't just throw any old shit against a film I once saw. So last night I watched it again. It's decent. Not something, I imagine, that I'll watch a third time, but there you go.
By Mike (24 June 2020)     More     Link    imdb    Buy film / memorabiliaBuy memorabilia