Antichrist (2009) - 3.3 (avg)


I've seen most of Lars von Trier's films and this is easily the most fucked up. This guy must have been bathed in a ten gallon drum of crazy each night before bed by his abusive parents.
By Mike (30 November 2009)     2 likes    More by Mike     Link


I went the pics to see this at fact. I must admit I felt a little let down. Being a massive Lars Von Trier fan and all. This was a funny experiences watching this on the cinema with full on vaginal action and some real gritty nasty horrific scenes. I was suprised they even allowed this to be shown on the big screen.
By Serial45 (23 December 2009)     More by Serial45     Link


Any film that shows a mans cock and balls being twatted and then spunking blood is a NO NO ...dont bother.
By Jim (18 August 2010)     More by Jim     Link
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