Crank (2006) - 7.7 (avg)


Take a large bowl, throw in one kick arse-all action bad boy, infect with the 'Chinese Shit', sprinkle in a shit load of gangsters and hitmen, then whisk till frothy add a large metal spoon and microwave, the resulting explosive mess will be something like this movie. Excellent!
By Phil (11 December 2009)     7 likes    More by Phil     Link


If being hard was a science, then Chev Chelios would have a PHD in that shit. And PHD would stand for Phucking Hard as, err, Dicks! What do you mean, that doesn't make sense? Fucking 'course it does. Go fuck yourself... Anyway, this film is so funny that every time I watch it my face aches for hours. And don't watch it with your girlfriend or wife, because they just won't fucking get it.
By Mike (27 August 2010)     More by Mike     Link


Jason Stathom made this movie, the perfect fucking lunatic!!
By Willo (07 December 2009)     More by Willo     Link
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