The A-Team (2010) - 7 (avg)


This film is a feast of manlyness with all the right mangredients to fill you right up; guns, helicopter chases, explosions and ass-kicking. Women of the world, you better run yourselves a scented bath, and get yourselves some hot chocolate and the latest copy of Cosmo, because the men are watching The A-Team, and you simply don't have enough testosterone to deal with that sort of shit. Brilliantly cast and doing exactly what it says on the tin, it should keep you both entertained and amused, if nothing else.
By Mike (28 July 2010)     5 likes    More by Mike     Link


From someone who loved nothing better than an episode of The A-Team as a kid, this was a real treat, I was prepared to be disapointed with a half hearted movie length episode re-make, however I was pleased to find myself fully engaged and felt like I was living it with them - especially nice to have plenty of action and distruction without the need to show all the blood and guts that movie makers seem to think we need to know that people are dead!!
By Kelly (21 December 2010)     More by Kelly     Link


I though it was a good film yer can't beat the original series. Sittin in when you where a kid havin a chippy and crackin one off over how hard B A was that was my saturday nights. Decent though loads of action and the BA head crack was nice.
By AndyO (11 July 2010)     More by AndyO     Link
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