Antwone Fisher (2002) - 7.5 (avg)


It only takes one word to sum this film up, Fantastic! Based on a true story about a young man who is part of the US Navy who has really bad anger problems. As the film goes on, he goes to see a physiciatrist like figure (Denzel Washington) who he starts to open up to (no, not literally! lol). You find out as the film goes on why exactly this young man acts the way he does and it's one of them films that brings a tear to your eye! I would definitely reccomend!!
By MattyTLFC (15 June 2010)     More by MattyTLFC     Link


A young black man, who enjoyed being abused so much as a child, decides to join the Navy, which is famous for its tough love. Or as it's more commonly known, butt fucking. They must have cut those scenes out though, because this is about growing up, getting laid and poetry, which is fairly ridiculous, because you know as well as I do that black men don't write poetry. They throw a fat beat in, add some cuss words and call it rap.
By Mike (11 August 2011)     More by Mike     Link
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