Audition (1999) - 7 (avg)


These Japs sure are some crazy motherfuckers. They are left to their own devices in their own little corner of the world, getting paid pennies for making shit like cars and TVs that the Western World pays a fortune for. Throw in some Hiroshima radiation (America, fuck yeah) and the fact that they've all spent long enough watching Western porn on the Internet to realise that their cocks are, indeed, tiny in comparison, and you can see why they're so full of contempt. So yeah, this film is fucked up.
By Mike (27 March 2010)     2 likes    More by Mike     Link


Sick, twisted utterly awesome fucked up japanese cinema from Mike Takashi. If you like your sick shit this is where it's at.
By Serial45 (22 December 2009)     1 like    More by Serial45     Link
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