My girlfriend bought me this as an anniversary gift! Can you fucking believe it? She stood there giggling to herself as I opened it. She said it was a joke gift, but I found it about as funny as she found the physical violence that quickly followed. I watched it though, because I'm not a twat. Or maybe because I am a twat? I don't know. She kept looking at me at all the omg-that-is-so-cute bits, expecting an outpouring of emotion but not seeing a drop. Apparently I'm a cold hearted bastard, although, if she didn't know that already then maybe I'll have to persist in beating it into her.
By Mike (01 February 2011)     4 likes    More by Mike     Link


Very enjoyable, festive, feel good film even for an ultra hard macho bastard like myself.. The airport arrivals shots were all genuine which sorta makes you feel that the worlds not such a bad place after all..Then some cunt blows himself up in a marketplace in Iraqistan and you fall back to earth with bump..
By Willo (19 December 2009)     1 like    More by Willo     Link
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