Donnie Darko (2001) - 7.8 (avg)


This film left me confused, nearly as confused as that time I was at that orgy, and everyone picked their partners, leaving just me and this middle-aged, overweight, bald guy. And he was all keen on some cock-to-cock combat! I grabbed my junk, my clothes and my pride - not necessarily in that order - and swept on out of there, mumbling apologies and avoiding eye contact.
By Mike (11 October 2010)     3 likes    More by Mike     Link


Simply a great movie. Awesome film when I first saw it wanted to watch it again to pick-up on the clues. I remember the website where you had a code to enter - was awesome at the time.Stay away from the extended DVD, as it just simply gives you all the answers and thus once answered I didn't want to watch it again. It's one of those Sci-fi / comedies with a unique script.
By Serial45 (19 October 2010)     More by Serial45     Link


Really did enjoy this movie! One of Patrick Sawyzes greatest plus its set in the late 80's! In the words of BBC's very own Jonathon Woss "Strange, different, beautiful and compelling" well in wossie, need i say more!!!
By Shaun (10 December 2009)     More by Shaun     Link


Donnie Darko is fantastic in my opinion. It's one of those films that if you understand what's going on you instantly have mega kudos/precedence over everyone else. It's an ego boost at the very least. Tobe brutally honest the storyline is proper fooked in the head but I really enjoyed it. Regards, Roger the Rabbit, on a major H down.
By Voodabay (18 October 2010)     More by Voodabay     Link


Very strange movie with a giant rabbit and weird lead actor, not to say it isnt good but it will take 2 to 3 watches to truely appricate what has gone on.
By Phil (10 December 2009)     More by Phil     Link
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