Amélie (2001) - 9.3 (avg)


If only the world had more Amélie Poulains! This is a film about life's simple pleasures and how doing small things for others can have such a big impact. A truly beauitful film.
By Mike (26 December 2009)     1 like    More by Mike     Link


In my top 5 and my favourite foreign movie ever. It will make you laugh, cry, feel good and bad all at the same time.. You are NOT a true movie fan if u've never watched Amelie, spellbinding soundtrack and totally unique story.. Absolutely love it !!
By Willo (09 December 2009)     More by Willo     Link


Brilliant original movie, so full of colour, part of my bought DVD collection.
By Serial45 (23 December 2009)     More by Serial45     Link
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