Apocalypse Now (1979) - 8.7 (avg)


The regular pub debate - What is the best war film of all time? This is my nomination everytime. The story of one mad man sent to kill another. Contains three of the best lines of dialogue ever recorded on film - and it was all improvised by Brando Kurtz: I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin? Willard: I'm a soldier. Kurtz: You're neither. You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.
By kris (24 January 2010)     More by kris     Link


Top draw Vietnam film, Martin Sheen is sent to assassinate Kurtz (Marlon Brando) as he has basically lost the plot and is living in some fucked up village were he is seen as god..great film.
By Jim (09 December 2009)     More by Jim     Link


This isn't even really a war film, it's more of a film about the struggle of an individual and his acquiescence. As a soldier he has to follow orders, but are those orders right? It's a proper journey this, and it will leave you pondering just how much of a crazy world the Vietnam war was. It is on for a while though, especially the Redux version, which has pointless added extra scenes, so I suggest you watch the original.
By Mike (11 September 2010)     More by Mike     Link
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