Growing up, for the longest time, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I thought it would be great swimming with dolphins in warm seas off the coast of somewhere like Florida or studying the hunting habits of Great White sharks. I thought I'd live just off the beach and spend all my free time fighting bikini-clad 10s off with a big stick. Then I did some research and discovered that I'd most probably spend my life studying seaweed in a shit hole like Sunderland or Bangor. Well, I thought, fuck that. Anyway, this documentary is all about how we've ruined the sea, along with the rest of the planet. Soon we'll have no coral, no fish, no beaches and no bikini-clad 10s. Humanity really is a virus on this planet and it's fucking disgusting what we're doing to it.
By Mike (29 November 2018)     More by Mike     Link
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